⚡️BigTurn Summary

🔹The Bigturn platform will be a user oriented-block chain based system designed with user needs and concerns being of utmost importance. It begins first by providing a safe and secure environment where job seekers and prospective employers are able to share their sensitive information without the fear of data leaks or breachings. The data and documents will be categorised and managed according to their functions.

🔹Through the trifecta of Bigturn Dynamic Application, Form builder, and Dynamic Regulation, job seekers will be given an initial appraisal of their applications efficacy, then be provided an option of requesting a final assessment by certified migration experts. The Dynamic Application will be designed by verified community participants (migration lawyers, advisers) and be regularly updated and maintained by the blockchain community to ensure long term reliability. Any application which has been completed through Bigturn Dynamic Application will be treated as a Bigturn Dynamic Regulation Certified document and securely maintained with a version history.

🔹Job seekers are rewarded for their data provisions, primarily through being reimbursed a token for every profile appraisal done by employers. While tokens will not be required to view employers’ sensitive details, additional payments will be billed to clients after successful lodgments of their visas and employer sponsorship scheme.

🔹In the not too distant future, the visa applications verified and secured through our holistic programs will be converted as hash values and be transferred across the immigration blockchain network through data standardisation interlocking technology. Clearly, the potential economic gains associated with such dramatic streamlining of the visa appraisal process is limitless. When Blockchain is successfully integrated to be fit for regular public use, employers and employees will be respectively able to pay their nomination, SAF and visa lodgment fees via the Bigturn Token.

🔹Therefore, our platform will enable the beginnings of a new migration industry culture that empowers individuals to have complete agency in their immigration journey from the start to finish, anywhere across the globe.

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BigTurn’s mission is to provide clients with the BigTurning point of their lives by securing the right job and achieving their permanent residency in Australia