Bigturn Brings Blockchain to Australia’s International Recruitment & Migration Industry

2 min readApr 5, 2022

With over 13 years of experience in the international recruitment/migration industry, BigTurn HR has been filling critical skills shortages in regional locations in Australia. Through sourcing skilled migrant workers from across the globe, they help skilled workers fulfil their goals for working and living in Australia,and help sponsor businesses find the best suited employees.

BigTurn HR is taking the steps to introduce visa streamlining to the digital world. Bigturn plans to develop a blockchain technology for migration services used to verify document authenticity and create a secure system for storage. This system will ensure safe and secure handling of documents and ensures protection from any mishandling or malpractice. This system will also provide streamlining of tailored visa advice, which will be delivered via A.I to provide detailed and prompt information regarding visa choice and timelines. The A.I system will also ensure the migration advice is legitimate, transparent, and follows all rules and regulations.

Furthermore, this platform will include the use of smart contracts, which will be utilized to help protect migrants from fraud or malpractice. The system will also answer accreditation issues of documents such as qualifications. The blockchain platform will provide an online currency system which eliminates the problems that arise from international exchange rates. People from all over the world will be able to pay via an app on their phone. With this currency system, there will be no need to experience the arduous process of transferring money.

Bigturn’s innovative technology will surely shake up the international recruitment and migration industry. By ensuring security, safety, and protection by the blockchain technology, Bigturn will leave you asking — why has this not existed before?

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BigTurn’s mission is to provide clients with the BigTurning point of their lives by securing the right job and achieving their permanent residency in Australia