Bigturn Core Features

Mar 29, 2022


The Bigturn platform was created for all people who are interested in migrating from one place to another. We will provide a service which encapsulates all crucial aspects of the skilled migration and global recruitment process. We will ensure trust, convenience, and stability through the migration and job search processes.

We would like to introduce you Bigturn’s core features:

  • Dynamic Application Form
  • Immigration Self-Testing Kit
  • Automatic update of the latest immigration information (Bigturn Wiki)
  • Job Seekers and Sponsors
  • Blockchain Solution Consortium

✈️ Contact Us:

Official website:

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us. To learn more about what we do, be sure to check out our About BigTurn page or visit our Facebook page.




BigTurn’s mission is to provide clients with the BigTurning point of their lives by securing the right job and achieving their permanent residency in Australia