Bigturn Dynamic Application Form

3 min readApr 4, 2022

Job seekers and sponsoring companies need to satisfy government regulations through submitting their required documentations to the department of home affairs for approval.

Considering that sufficient documentations are all that is required, why do so many applicants rely on migration agents or lawyers to file the lodgements on their behalf? Their first concern is that they may misunderstand the requirements due to language barriers and thus will be disadvantaged during the visa assessments. Even for those who do comprehend all the requisites, their unfamiliarity with the evaluation process means that they still resort to paying significant sums to experts to maximise their chance of a visa grant.

As a solution, we propose the development of the (1) Bigturn Formbuilder, (2) Bigturn Dynamic Application and the (3) Bigturn Dynamic Regulation system to provide an immediate first approximation to whether the application has adequately satisfied the government requirements. The migration experts will be actively involved with designing and regularly updating the Dynamic Application, ensuring the system’s reliability. Then, the application will be processed through the Bigturn Dynamic Regulation, which will provide a final confirmation on whether all regulatory requirements are met.

The Bigturn Dynamic Application will process the following:


1. A copy of current Passport

2. Recent ID Photo (Passport Size)

3. Current visa grant letter

4. A copy of Birth certificate or Citizenship or Family book

5. National Identity Card (if available)

6. Change of Name evidence (if applicable)

7. A copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)


8. Australian Qualification certificates and Completion letter and Transcripts

9. Overseas Qualification certificates and Completion letter and Transcripts

10. Skill Assessment Certificate (if available)

11. Registration, licensing or professional membership if required(if available)

12. Reference letters from previous employers

🔸 Need to be on a letterhead of the employer

🔸 Include the name, title and contact details of the referee

🔸 Details of your position and dates of service

13. Payslips from previous employers

14. CV

🔸 At least covering the last five year

🔸 In a Microsoft word format so we can amend it if needed

🔸 Form employment:

■ indicate for each job as full-time, part-time or casual

■ State & Country for each job

■ Start and finish date for each job

■ Position & Duties/tasks for each job

🔸 For educational history:

■ Start and finish date for each qualification

■ State & Country for each qualification

■ Official qualification name as per on certificate


15. a. Short-term Stream

🔸 IELTS score overall at least 5.0 (Each band minimum 4.5) or

🔸 PTE Scored overall at least 36 (each band minimum 30)

b. MLTSSL Stream

🔸 IELTS score overall at least 5.0 (Each band minimum 5.0) or

🔸 PTE Scored overall 36 (each band minimum 36)

16. Certificate of Health insurance cover (monthly

17. Health Check (HAP ID: )

18. Police certificates

🔸 For stays in Australia, Australian Federal Police Check (AFP), apply online:

🔸 Overseas Police Check (For each other country in which you have lived for a cumulative period of 12 months or more, over the last 10 years since turning 16 years of age)

19. Military service records or discharge papers (if applicable)

20. Form 80

21. GTE Statement

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