Bigturn Introduction

1 min readMar 21, 2022

Bigturn will transform the immigration industry through our blockchain based platform. Through establishing a transparent and reliable migration network, it will allow individuals to work at the location of their choice, anywhere across the globe.

The platform will automate the majority of procedures by implementing AI chatbots which will streamline the sponsorship and visa process. Thus, establishing a new benchmark for the post-pandemic migration industry.

Significant improvements for businesses will be provided for participants who engage with the Bigturn platform. The immigration and recruitment process involves the requirement of numerous services. This includes immigration consultation, talent headhunting, education, health insurance, remittances and more.

Our new platform will provide access to all these services in a simple and accessible place according to a candidate’s personal needs.

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BigTurn’s mission is to provide clients with the BigTurning point of their lives by securing the right job and achieving their permanent residency in Australia