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2 min readApr 11, 2022

Automatic update of the latest immigration information

Frequent changes in global immigration statutes and regulations means unnecessary administrative confusions have become a norm for the industry. While they are justified on the grounds of needing frequent revisions to adapt to changes in the global economy, it has in reality inhibited countries from the full economic benefits of immigration.

As the solution, Bigturn proposes to establish the Bigturn Wiki. Based on the in-house developed Wiki engine and our blockchain technology, the Bigturn Wiki will become the central hub for all policies and information related to visa applications and overseas employment. Moreover, business opportunities for genuine third party service providers will be encouraged in various migration related areas such as finance, accommodation, flights, real estate and so forth, while vetoing any unrelated commercialisations.

Each service will be regularly audited by the ecosystem’s participants through satisfaction and user rates to ensure a transparent management of the platform. Meanwhile the immigration statutes and regulations will be strictly managed by moderators selected by the community of experts, in conjunction with verified information providers like to be integrated onto the system. Furthermore, the Dynamic Regulation’s automatic updates to the latest regulatory changes will check that the clients’ uploaded documents satisfy all governmental requirements.

Dynamic regulation can cite content such as application form, list of documents to be submitted, and credentials, and the cited content is used for the purpose of ensuring the validity of the cited content by tracking changes in the original text.

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